Month: March 2018

Top 5 Bible Verses for Drug Addiction

Whenever humans face any kind of threat or whenever they feel helpless, they always look to a higher power to solve their problems. Believing in a higher power is extremely important in the path of recovery. Most of the times, addicts lose their sense of reality and their belief in a higher power is the only thing that can bring them back. There are numerous bible verses for addiction. However, some of them can be misunderstood for verses that actually support addiction. That is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 bible versus for addiction recovery...

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How Does Al Anon Work to Help Families and Friends of Alcoholics

Alcoholism doesn’t just affect the alcoholic, it affects everyone around that person. It takes a huge toll on the families and friends of the concerned person too. To address this very issue, Al Anon was created. It is a part of the Alcoholics Anonymous community.  Here, relatives and friends of alcoholics share their experiences and lend their strength to people who suffer from similar circumstances. But how does Al Anon work to provide comfort to people around an alcoholic? The organization has two main initiatives, the main Al Anon program – geared towards adults, and the Alateen program –...

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