The human body works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, medicines help someone feel healthy again, while some other times, it is the smell of nature that nurses us back to feeling new again. Other times, having a special crystal in your possession may help you feel better. This is the power of healing crystals. There are many crystals available in nature, but only some of them are great for dealing with drug addiction. We have compiled a list of some of the best crystals for addiction recovery that are available in the market now.



Amethyst is a brilliant purple colored crystal which is sometimes found to be a bit violet as well. It is primarily a type of quartz which has a very important quality for recovering alcoholics. This crystal is known for its ability to help people with withdrawal. The belief is that having this stone in close proximity boosts your creativity in a way that distracts you from your urges and any other withdrawal symptoms. You could keep it under your pillow before you sleep or wear it on your finger as a ring too!


Clear Quartz

Another type of quartz on our list, this shimmering stone is known for its powers against substance abuse. This means that it can help you with drugs, alcohol, marijuana, nicotine or even caffeine. Clear Quartz helps you deal with severe withdrawal symptoms and stress, thus helping you in the process of recovery. It also makes you feel more alive when kept in close contact. If you ever feel that the thoughts of your addiction are getting too intrusive, then hold this crystal close to you.


Blue Topaz

As the name suggests, this is a dazzling blue crystal that has many healing qualities. Unlike some of the other crystals on this list, it focuses on removing the causes for addiction rather the symptoms of withdrawal. It boosts one’s self-control allowing them to refrain from substance abuse, preventing a relapse. It also helps them achieve self-honesty and self-realization – both important steps in the path to recovery. But most importantly, it teaches you to love yourself; something that can potentially prevent the abuse of drugs in the first place.



Probably one of the most useful stones on this list, the Peridot is an incredible green healing crystal. It has several healing properties that can prove useful to a recovering addict like purifying the body of the toxins that it had earlier ingested. It also helps you mentally by ridding you of negative feelings like guilt or obsessiveness. One of the most important properties of this stone is that it helps one get away from self-harming tendencies. Wearing this gem around you will help you grow and realize your inner truth.


Rose Quartz

Quartz is known for its healing properties and thus there are so many of them in this list. Rose Quartz has a calming color which helps people deal with some of the stressors that lead to substance abuse in the initial stages. It helps one deal with the negative memories of trauma and abuse. This stone absolves you of any guilt that you may have had from a past relationship. By dealing with these negative feelings, it drives people away from substance abuse. This crystal is most affective when worn around your neck.


Some of you may still not believe in the healing power of crystals. But what’s the harm in trying them out, especially if they make such fashionable accessories and beautiful decorations. However, it is important that you understand that these crystals aren’t all-powerful and can only help you on the path of recovery. You will still need other resources to help you on your path to recovery.