The human body is one of the most complex things that exists in nature. Scientists are still trying to find out how every intricate part of the body works. For the same reason, the world of medicine is evolving to adapt to more holistic methods of treatment and care. One such adaption is the concept of aromatherapy where certain scents can affect you positively and help you feel better psychologically. This is done usually with the help of different essential oils which are derived generally from fragrant flowers or plants. In this post, we will explore the top 5 essential oils for addiction recovery and how they help you.


Bergamot Essential Oil

This is an essential oil derived from the citrus fruit Bergamot which is generally the size of an orange but colored yellow or green. The great thing about this oil is that it is effective for all kinds of addictions. It also helps relieve tension and contains strong anti-depressants. This means that it will help you remove some of the stressors that usually lead to addiction in the first place. Moreover, it also helps with anxiety – another stressor commonly found among drugs addicts using drugs as a means of escape. Overall, it has a very calming and uplifting effect that will help you through recovery.


Black Pepper Essential Oil

Everyone knows what black pepper is, but people seldom know how useful its essential oil can be. To start off, this oil reduces cravings if you dip a toothpick in it and chew on the toothpick. This proves to be very useful when it comes to addictions like cigarettes, alcohol or weed. To top it off, it also helps you fight withdrawal symptoms and keeps you calm through it. This essential oil also helps increase serotonin levels which affects your mood in a positive way.


Chamomile Essential Oils

Chamomile is a very small flower that is widely used for a number of medicinal purposes through stuff like tea. It is known mostly for its soothing properites that calms one down. This is great for recovering addicts since withdrawal often leads to anger and irritability which in turn can lead to relapse. Using this can help you reduce the chances of that happening. Moreover, this essential oil also reduces anxiety which is a major stressor that leads to substance abuse.


Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild Orange is just a different species of oranges that is found in many parts of the world. This citrusy essential oil is great for reducing insomnia – a major withdrawal symptom. It will help you sleep peacefully again to an extent. This oil acts as a strong anti-depressant thus removing a major stressor in your life which may cause you to relapse. It also helps reduce acute feelings of stress and anxiety giving you an overall positive feeling to help you recover from your problems. If you want, this oil can also be used on scrapes or wounds if you ever hurt yourself.


Helichrysum Essential oil

Helichrysum is part of the sunflower family of flowers and it consists of several different species. So you can get a lot of essential oils from this type of flowers. Like some of the other oils in this list, this one also helps calm and soothe the nerves which are great when you are facing withdrawal symptoms. However, what sets this one apart is that it can also help you take care of physical ailments that tend to show up when the signs of withdrawal are especially bad. This oil can help reduce pain in muscles, join, tendons and even ligaments when you are going through the worst of days.


There are several ways to use essential oils and each of these methods can yield a different result. Other than the ones mentioned in the list, there are many other essential oils for addiction that can be used like lavender, grapefruit or even clove. At the end of the day, all of these will help you get over your addictions. Depending on what you feel you are suffering from more, choose the one that you need the most. If you want, you can give them all a try and see which of them suits you best. Make a decision fast and order one of these now for a speedy recovery!