Gift giving is a very tedious process that requires us to brainstorm a lot. We have to think up the perfect gift for the person whom we are browsing for and the gift also needs to reflect the bond between us. This same process becomes even more difficult when it comes to buying or making gifts for an alcoholic, especially one who is recovering. There are several bad things that one can gift an alcoholic. So, we have prepared a list of things that we think will be great gifts for recovering alcoholics to help them in the recovery process.

A Token

A token can be anything from a keychain to a bracelet. What matters is what is written on it. Many tokens such as these can be easily personalizable. Moreover, there are already a lot of these on the market made especially for recovering alcoholics. A few good ideas are inscribing the day that person became sober or the phrase “One day at a time”. The best part about this gift is that it is quite personal and handy. This way, the person is always reminded of you and their determination to stay on the path of recovery everytime they feel your gift.

Guided meditation CDs

There have been studies that show that meditation can help with recovery from substance abuse. It helps one concentrate on themselves and set their priorities. Moreover, meditation has been known to reduce the cravings for alcohol which makes recovery much easier. These CDs are extremely useful as all you have to do is listen to them as your mind drifts away into the state of meditation. Add a couple of scented candles or essential oils and you have a complete meditation package!

Coffee Mugs

Research shows that coffee has helped a number of recovering alcoholics substitute alcohol with another drink. If you are willing, you can gift them a whole coffee set along with coffee beans or even a mini-coffee machine. However, I prefer coffee mugs the best since you can personalize these the most. If you want, you can print motivational quotes on the side or put a picture of the person’s family. This will help them remember the reason that they are trying to get while curbing their incessant need to have some liquor. 

A Good Book

It doesn’t matter if your friend is an avid reader or not, everyone appreciates a good book. This book can keep the person’s mind occupied and off alcohol, More importantly, the book shows how much thought you put into the gift. It would be an even greater gift if the book was something that helped you or someone else through recovery. Otherwise, any philosophical or motivational book that will make your friend think a lot about the good things in life will be a great book. You can customize this even more with a personal bookmark made especially for the person.

Yoga Classes

Like meditation, the art of Yoga also helps alcoholics trying to recover. It helps with one of the most important steps of addiction recovery – staying active. Yoga is also a great way to stay healthy and fit. Since most of the yoga classes also teach meditation, this gift for an alcoholic will be perfect to help your friend recover and stay healthy at the same time. Most classes offer a trial week, so all you need to do is pay for their classes for the next consecutive week or two and their path to recovery will be paved for them.

There a lot of other gifts that you can give your friend to help them through addiction recovery. However, we felt that these were some of the best gifts for alcoholics that you could offer your friend. We hope your friend continues to live a long and sober life. If you do have any other great ideas, please mention them in the comments below!