Our lives are full of stressful things, how we deal with them is in our hands. One of the wrong ways to do so is to look for escape in stuff like drugs or alcohol. The dangerous part about these substances is not the side effects, but their addictive nature. It is extremely hard to let go of these substances. However, there are some medications for addiction that can help you on the path to recovery. When it comes to medicine, they are broadly categorized into conventional and alternative medication. For the sake of this post, we will consider conventional drugs only.

Conventional medicine are prescription drugs that if ingested bring about chemical changes in the body which help you with recovery. These drugs usually need to be specifically designed for the substance you were addicted to. They can also be some drugs whose actual intent was for some other illness, but they can be used for addiction as well. Unfortunately, these drugs like all others have their own side effects which can be dangerous to us. But, they can help you recover faster if used properly. These drugs have been listed below.



One of the hardest parts of recovery is fighting the urge to consume again. Disulfiram is a drug that helps alcoholics fight the cravings associated with withdrawal. It makes alcohol harder to be digested by the body. Thus, every time you consume alcohol, you start to feel ill – almost as if you are allergic to it. This creates a negative association with the consumption of spirits. A similar effect can be achieved through hypnosis. However, without continuous usage, the cravings will return. You can find this drug being called commonly by its brand name – Antabuse.



While Disulfiram works for alcohol only, Naltrexone is a drug that helps with cravings for both opiates and alcohol. The method of working is different. While Disulfiram made it harder to digest alcohol, this drug blocks specific opiate receptors that casue the pleasurable feelings after consumption. So, you just feel the bad side effects of the substance with none of the joy. Similarly, if you just stop consuming this, your cravings will return and chances of relapse increase.



This drug is mainly used as a replacement drug for people addicted to opiates. Methadone is a synthesized opiate that can help you get over our addiction to heroin or other such drugs. The upside with this drug is that it has minimal side effects when considered to its alternatives. Unfortunately, many people argue that it is harder to get rid of Methadone addiction when compared to the others. Buprenorphine is an alternative to this.



One of the best ways of dealing with addiction is to go after the root cause. This is exactly what Paxil does. It is an anti-depressant that helps balance the amount of Norepinephrine in our brain. By doing this, it relieves stress and anxiety thus helping us combat depression. As people begin to feel better with lower levels of stress and anxiety, they rely less on alcohols or drugs as a form of escape or to function in their daily lives.



Modafinil is a drug with more uses that one can count. It can keep people alert and awake as well as help people tired from chemotherapy. But the use that we are concerned with is its ability to combat cocaine addiction. A study showed that modafinil can help reduce cravings of cocaine. It is similar to methadone as it works as a replacement drug for cocaine or other amphetamines.



While the other drugs in this list talk about opiates and alcohol, Varenicline targets nicotine. It is drug that can help you deal with nicotine cravings like the patches, gum, or lozenges. Studies have shown that this drug can help reduce the urge to consume nicotine and tobacco to a large extent. However, its side effects include a turbulent stomach in all consumers. Fortunately, these stomach problems are predicted to settle after a few days. It is currently sold in British Columbia.


There are a lot more medicines out there that claim to help with addiction. But you need to be careful about these drugs since all of them will have side effects and if you purchase one of inferior quality, it might end up doing more harm than good. You might not recognize some of the names in the list because these are the primary chemicals present in them. The brand names keep changing from one area to the other. Keep in mind, that drugs aren’t always the solution. If you truly want to rid yourself of this habit, you need to enter a comprehensive program. You can do this by simply giving us a call. Don’t wait too long, dial now!