Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to dealing with opioids. When people are selling such illegal drugs, they have to be creative to avoid detection. Dealers can’t be heard saying “heroin” or else they might become a prime suspect or arrested soon after. That is why dealers have come up with various street names for heroin that help them stay under the radar.

It is important to know the street names for various reasons. One is if you think any of your loved ones are consumin. They might be using nicknames to give you the slip. If you are aware of these street names, you will be able to deduce if someone you care about is using or not.

Then, as a medical professional, you might need to help patients who have overdosed on drugs. These patients may not know what they have consumed themselves. All they might know is the street name. This is especially true in the case of an unexperienced user who doesn’t know the correct dosage either. By knowing the street names, you might be able to treat the patients faster for heroin addiction.

Finally, as a law enforcement officer, this knowledge will come in handy to catch the perps who are selling or distributing it in the first place. Either way, it will be helpful if you know at lesat some of these names.


Street names for Heroin

Heroin is mostly found in a pure powder form. The quality might vary but there are various street names for normal heroin powder.

Dragon Dope Heron Herone Hero Hera
H Big H White China White White Nurse White Lady
White Horse Boy He Black Black Tar Black Pearl
Black Stuff Black Eagle Brown Brown Crystal Brown Sugar Brown Rhine
White Girl White Stuff Chiba Chiva Chieva Mexican Brown
Mexican Mud Mexican Horse Junk Tar Snowball Snow
White Boy Smack Scag Scat Sack Skunk
Number 3 Number 4 Number 8 Brown Tape Bombita. Chicle.
Gato. La Buena. Tiger. Zoquete. Vidrio. Caballo.
Carne. Carga.        

The ones in Italics are Spanish names which are also commonly used. However, they are most commonly used in southern parts of the USA or in South American countries.


Heroin Combinations

Sometimes Heroin is combined with a variety of other drugs and sold separately. They can prove to be more lethal sometimes.

Name A-bomb or atom bomb. Chocolate bars Dragon rock, Primo
Drugs Heroin and marijuana Heroin and Xanax Heroin and crack cocaine
Name Dynamite El diablo H-bomb
Drugs Heroin and cocaine Heroin, cocaine, marijuana Heroin and ecstasy
Name LBJ Neon nod Screwball
Drugs Heroin, LSD, PCP Heroin and LSD Heroin and methamphetamine
Name Cheese Bars Pineapple
Drug Heroin and Cold Medicine Heroin and Alprazolam Heroin and Ritalin


Heroin usage

There are many terms used when people are using heroin. This can also help you detect heroin usage.

Chasing the Dragon Daytime
Evening Dip and Dab
Do Up Firing the Ack Ack Gun
Give Wings Jolly Pop
Paper Boy Channel Swimmer


Unfortunately, the world of illegal drugs grows everyday and so do the number of nicknames used for them. This makes it virtually impossible to keep a track of all the possible street names for heroin in the market currently. However, our list should help you a bit as they are the most common names used. If you do find that someone you care about using these words frequently or if they show symptoms of heroin use, then don’t hesitate to contact us.