The path of recovery from alcohol addiction is a long one and one thing that helps a lot is sharing your feelings and thoughts with people who are on the same path as you. This is where Alcoholics Anonymous or AA meetings come in. You can speak your mind freely among strangers who are on the same path as you. Sometimes, you might have to take charge and organize the meeting yourself. The hardest part about this is to come up with topics of discussion for these meetings. That is why we have a come up with a list of topics for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to help you for the next meeting that you might have to chair.


Steps to Recovery

Most of the AA groups discuss one of the 12 Steps to Recovery every meeting in order. However, this becomes a problem if there is a possibility of someone new joining every meeting. So, if your group is open to new members, then instead of discussing every step individually, you can discuss which step everyone is on and how they have managed to do it. You could also briefly discuss every step in the meeting and ask for tips from others on how to make it easier. This will help the newer members get a clearer picture and make them recover faster.


Sober Living

A recovering alcoholic is a lot like a prisoner who has just been set free after ages. They become so institutionalized (to alcohol in this case) that they do not know how to live life without it. Talking about sober living and how everyone in the meeting is managing to do so will give people different ideas on how to manage their time and adjust to this new lifestyle. It will also prove to be a source of motivation for everyone attending the meeting and give them the hope they need to go on.



This might be a touchy topic to bring up as it might drive a few of the members closer to relapse. But that depends on how they take it. But it is an important matter to discuss as there is always the possibility that someone in the group might relapse in the future.

You can discuss about how people in the group dealt with relapse. You could also discuss how they can deal with it if it ever does happen to them.  Another point of conversation would be talking about how to avoid relapse in the first place.


Bible quotes

One of the most important topics for alcoholics anonymous meetings is how the bible talks about alcoholism. For many people, their spirituality is something that can help them and guide them in times of suffering. Thus, talking about the views of a higher power on the matter might help the religious people get back on the right track.

However, some of the bible quotes might be misunderstood for encouraging alcoholism. Hence, ensure that only the ones discouraging it are brought up. You could also try and clear the confusion about the misunderstood quotes and explain how alcoholism is never encouraged.



As an alcoholic you grow to resent people and sometimes they grow to resent you. It is important to disuss this as getting over your resentments is an important part of recovery. This is because they are toxic not only to you but to your loved ones as well. Discussing how someone got rid of their resentments can be beneficial to the whole group. Moreover, people can possibly find a way to make others resent them less, now that they are on the path of recovery.


There are several other topics for AA meetings that you can discuss. However, these are some of the most important ones. Remember, being open about your feelings and sharing them is the best thing you can do for a speedy recovery. So, don’t wait any longer, hold your own AA meeting soon!