Narcotics Anonymous is a non-profit society or fellowship of men and women for whom addiction has become a major problem. In this program, recovering addicts support each other through regular meetings in an effort to stay clean. The Narcotics Anonymous program uses the same 12 step model as AA. It has been expanded on for people with different substance abuse issues. This program is the complete abstinence from all kinds of drugs.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings
The Narcotics Anonymous program has no opinion regarding outside issues such as science, politics or medicine and also do not endorse any outside institution or organization. The association does not promote itself. Rather, it attracts new members through word of mouth. Individuals are also compelled to attend NA meetings by rehab programs or court orders. Narcotics Anonymous members provide outside organizations with information about the group at their own free will. Many individual members carry the message of NA programs to institutions such as hospitals jails and other treatment centers.

Many members of Narcotics Anonymous identify themselves by their first name only during meetings. Anonymity is important to the group as it enforces that no individual addict is superior to another and they will not recover without fellowship and spiritual principles. Anyone, regardless of race, age, sexual identity, creed, and religion can join this program. There is no thought to how much the addict has used, what were their connections or what they have done in the past. The only thing that matters is what the addict wants to do for their problem and how the Narcotics Anonymous program can help.

Nature of addiction
As per the philosophy of Narcotics Anonymous, most addicts don’t realize that they are suffering from drug addiction until they have hit rock bottom and have no options left. Once the addict realizes the addiction problem they may try to stop but at that point, it’s too late and they cannot. That is the point that they understand that the drugs have complete control of them. There is no hope without outside intervention.

The Narcotics Anonymous program helps them to fight their disease and show them a different lifestyle. This program describes addiction to be a progressive disease having no known cure, affecting every area of the addict’s life: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. Narcotics Anonymous suggests that this disease of addiction can be defeated and recovery is possible through Narcotics Anonymous. These programs never mention the drugs or their use. Instead, they refer to addiction only. This recognizes that addicts have a disease in which drug use is only a symptom. Some other symptoms of addiction include denial, obsession, compulsion, and self-centeredness.

If you or anyone you know has an addiction problem with drugs of any kind, you can visit a Narcotics Anonymous meeting with them. This simple act could be the start of a new life without the pain of addiction.